About Cloudfall

Cloudfall is inspired by nature and blended to complement her bounty. In an innovative collaboration, our winemakers, motivated by the splendor of Monterey County, partnered with culinary experts to create varietals that bring out the beauty of food. Each blend marries with myriad dishes, heightening the flavor of food and the joy of dining.

Cloudfall Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, and Pinot Noir are subtle, not overpowering, with the right acidity and crispness to cleanse the palate and enhance drinkability and culinary creations.

Nature’s Natural Air Conditioning

The Thermal Rainbow

The Thermal Rainbow™ influences the temperatures and subsequent varietal selection throughout Monterey Wine Country. In the early morning, the entire region is covered by a thick marine layer producing cool mid-50°F temperatures. As the sun rises, the valley starts to warm. The heat burns off the fog and begins the slow rise in temperature at the southern end of the county.

The heat generated from the sun forces the warm air to rise and creates a low pressure effect. Cool air off the ocean is drawn and funneled through the Gabilan and Santa Lucia mountain ranges, moving down the valley with increasing force as the day progresses. The ocean air acts as a natural air conditioning system that mitigates the rise in temperature from north to south and extends the growing season, allowing for slow, gentle ripening.