Vineyard Selections

Cloudfall is inspired by nature and blended beautifully to complement her bounty. All vineyards are hand selected by our winemaker to enhance the blends with Monterey’s natural, delicate ecosystem. Extended pod maturation gives these grapes the quintessential complexity needed to achieve the wines’ delectable flavor profiles.


Scheid Vineyard in Mesa Del Rio West

Chardonnay is sourced from the Scheid Vineyard, known for its foggy mornings and cool afternoon winds. The spring and summer coastal fog rolls into the region in the evening and persists until mid-morning the next day, resulting in a longer growing season with intense varietal characters and balanced acidity. In this cool growing climate, yields are low. Known for elegant, layered wines of delicacy and balance, it is the ideal spot for ultra-premium Chardonnay. Cloudfall Chardonnay displays a flinty, mineral character, revealing a very Burgundian flavor profile.


Sweetwater Vineyard

Cloudfall Pinot Noir grapes are sourced from the warmer southern end of Monterey County. Here fruit grows on a south-facing slope of the Monterey Mountains, developing vibrant character elegantly balanced with the acidity representative of coastal growing regions. Cloudfall Pinot Noir has flavors of bright blueberry and dark cherry with subtle notes of watermelon.


Scheid Vineyard in San Lucas AVA

Cloudfall Sauvignon Blanc grapes grow in the San Lucas appellation with its rolling hills and beautiful vistas. The region is characterized by foggy mornings, warm days and cool bay winds in the late afternoon. Summer temperatures often fluctuate as much as 40 degrees from day to night, extending the growing season and giving the fruit time to develop full body and flavor.

The soil is looser and well-drained, with shale and various sizes of sandstone that allow for deep root penetration, producing grapes that are brighter and fruitier. Cloudfall Sauvignon Blanc is fruit-forward and softly-textured, the hallmark of wine from this region.